February 29, 2012

Rocky Mountain Rangers Navigate Kenna Cartwright

Kamloops, B.C. - The Kamloops Rocky Mountain Rangers will be completing low-level dismounted training at Kenna Cartwright Park on Friday, March 2nd and Saturday March 3rd.

The goal of this exercise is to teach the soldiers basic reconnaissance patrolling, including navigation, communication, and life-saving and team-building skills. Kenna Cartwright provides an ideal location for this training because of its size, hilly terrain and close proximity to the Rangers' armoury.

The soldiers will be conducting dismounted field movements, with no vehicles or ammunition, throughout the park. This exercise is an important training opportunity that will help prepare the Rangers for other major exercises in 2012. This training focuses on small groups of four to eight soldiers.

Kenna Cartwright will remain open during the exercise and visitors to the park will not be affected by this training.

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Media Contact:
Operations Officer Michael Knohels
Rocky Mountain Rangers

Kelly Johnston, ISA Certified Arborist
Section Leader- Natural Resources/ IPM
City of Kamloops