October 19, 2011

Transit Exchange Security Increased

Kamloops, B.C. - To ensure the safety of transit customers and bus drivers, the City of Kamloops is stepping up Bylaw patrols and RCMP presence at the Lansdowne Transit Exchange. City Bylaw officers will be increasing their presence at the exchange and work closely with the RCMP to address activity in that area.

Discussions are underway with City of Kamloops and First Canada management staff regarding transit exchange concerns. Kamloops enforcement agencies will also meet with BC Transit and First Canada representatives to determine solutions for a safe and comfortable transit service environment.

Since the opening of the Lansdowne Transit Exchange in 2007, various security methods have been considered and implemented. In September 2010, additional Bylaw Officers were dedicated to the transit exchange resulting in a reduction in the number and severity of incidents at the location. Recent events have prompted further investigation and actioning of security measures. The City of Kamloops anticipates the steps taken to increase the patrols at the transit exchange will alleviate the immediate concerns. The safety and comfort of transit customers and bus drivers is top priority.

"The recent violent events at the Lansdowne Transit Exchange are shocking and completely unacceptable. This behaviour of a select few will not be tolerated. We have taken immediate steps to increase presence and enforcement in the area and are working with the RCMP and BC Transit on long-term actions and solutions," states Len Hrycan, Director, Community & Corporate Affairs.

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Media Contacts:
Len Hyrcan, Director of Community and Corporate Affairs
City of Kamloops