October 18, 2011

The McArthur Island Treasure Hunt

Kamloops, B.C. - The McArthur Island Treasure Hunt (MITH) is a new series of 15 geocaches that create a geocaching training playground for new geocachers located at McArthur Island Park in Kamloops.

The McArthur Island Treasure Hunt officially launches on October 29th at 10:00 am at Norbrock Stadium. Residents are invited to come try geocaching at this family-friendly event. GPS units will be supplied, and a volunteer will help you learn how to use them. Access to GPS units and registration begin at 9:00 am. Bring your curiosity, bring your family, and bring your sense of adventure!

Geocaching is a global game of hide and seek, where people hide 'caches' and post clues and GPS coordinates at www.geocaching.com. The name of the game is hunting for treasure, which may be a trinket or even just the pleasure of a beautiful view, a chance to learn some history, or just explore! It's an activity that gets people outside and learning about the world around them. It's an activity that is family-friendly, and as challenging or as easy as cachers want it to be. All that is needed to geocache is a handheld GPS unit or smart phone with geocaching app, a small treasure to trade (optional), and a sense of adventure.

With the full support of the City of Kamloops, a group of local geocaching volunteers, the MITH-cachers, have established McArthur Island as a geocaching training ground. This is a place where new and experienced geocachers can find a large number of geocaches in a relatively small area. These caches will include a variety of cache types and difficulty levels. Caches in this series all are safe, family-friendly, and some are wheelchair accessible. All caches promote the highest standards of geocaching etiquette by encouraging cachers to practice low impact caching, respect other park users, and trade responsibly. Most of all, they are meant to be fun!

For more information:
Main geocaching website: www.geocaching.com - GC35CKR
Treasure Trackers - PBS Geocaching documentary: vimeo.com/25656713

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