October 3, 2011

Canadian Sport for Life Conference

Kamloops, B.C. - The Kamloops Sports Council is hosting the first ever provincial Canadian Sport for Life (CS4L) conference in Kamloops on Saturday, October 15, 2011. This is the first time this type of conference has been held in British Columbia. The national conference is held annually in Eastern Canada.

The lineup of guest speakers is outstanding, some of which include Dr. Vicki Harber from University of Alberta, Dr. Stephen Norris of Winsport Canada, and 2010 Winter Olympic Bronze Medalist in bobsled, Chris Le Bihan. The focus of the conference is physical literacy, community engagement and how we strengthen the link between physical education and long term athlete development.

In line with the Tournament Capital Program, the conference will benefit health and sport administrators, coaches, school administrators, teachers, parents, and anyone who is interested in a lifelong relationship with physical activity.

For more details and registration, please visit www.kamloopssportscouncil.com

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Media Contact:
Linda Stride, Health & Sport Development Supervisor
City of Kamloops

Miranda Dick