July 8, 2011

Collaborative project results in new City facilities

Kamloops, B.C. - The City has collaborated with BC Transit in the construction of the new Transit Centre, resulting in the concurrent construction of two new City facilities: a new BMX Park and a satellite Public Works Facility. The synergies between the projects have created cost savings and efficiencies for both parties.

The Public Works satellite facility will be created by refurbishing part of the existing transit centre once BC Transit has vacated the existing building, and will allow Public Works to deliver services more efficiently and conveniently by storing equipment and materials on the North Shore.

The BMX park construction will take advantage of excess materials onsite to build a permanent national calibre venue. The track will be an expanded version of the existing McArthur Island track complete with parking and bleachers. The existing track will remain open until the new location is complete.

The City is looking forward to embarking on this project, which was made possible by funding contributions from the Government of Canada Building Canada Fund, and the Province of British Columbia, as well as municipal funds.

"We're excited about the opportunities that we've been able to take advantage of while working with BC Transit on this collaborative project. We look forward to future success as the project continues," said Kristen Meersman, Capital Projects Manager for the City of Kamloops.

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Media Contact:
Kristen Meersman, Capital Projects Manager
City of Kamloops