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Museum Lecture Series Peter Grauer

Mexican Packers of the Cariboo Gold Rush

Most students of BC's early history are aware of the Basque packer Cataline, and his reputation is justified. But before Cataline, the way was pioneered by skilled Mexican packers from as far away as Sonora in Mexico. They left a legacy in their numerous descendants within our present society, as well as by planting the first crops of alfalfa in British Columbia just north of Lytton in 1860.

Peter Grauer's topic for this lecture series relates to a very small, specialized, but important section of his new work on the early history of the rush to the Cariboo. The contribution of the Mexican packers and their technology and customs to the history of our province has been much neglected and is almost non-existent.

Fee: $8 ~ Course # 190988
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