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A Storied Land

May 15 to August 30 - 2014


Storytellers have an honoured place in oral cultures; preserving the voices of generations, shaping identities, and evolving traditions, they are the custodians of the narratives of the people. Stories pass on important lessons to provide moral and practical guidance, to explain origins and relationships, and to explore natural phenomena.

This exhibit blends the mythic stories of the Interior Salish as mosaic threads woven into the fabric of culture and tradition.

Between 1900 and 1903, the Canadian ethnographer James Teit (1864-1922), transcribed numerous Interior Salish stories. Teit believed the numbers of stories told by the Interior Salish were declining, offering no single cause other than the social dislocation and changes brought about by European settlers.

KMA is pleased to announce the opening of a new exhibit: A Storied Land. Featuring the museum's indigenous collection, A Storied Land celebrates and interprets the living and evolving cultural landscape of the Interior Salish, with special emphasis on the Secwépemc. Through the millenia, the Interior Salish have developed a unique culture where the landscape has a special significance in the legends and myths of the people.

Curated with local artifacts and spun with the magic of storytelling throughout, this delightful journey shares the significance of a people and their relationship with the land. Through artifacts, images, and stories, the links between land and people are interpreted, celebrated and explored in this fascinating new exhibit.

KMA gratefully acknowledges the support of the British Columbia Arts Council, the Province of British Columbia and the Secwépemc Museum & Heritage Park.

Dennis Oomen
Curator, Kamloops Museum and Archives

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