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School Programs

NEW People + Place: Kamloops' Cultural Communities (Grade 1 to 3) | This program introduces the history of different cultural communities that today call Kamloops home. After exploring archival images and personal stories of real life Kamloopsians, students will have their own opportunity to become storytellers through object-based exploration of "artefacts" from different communities.
Curriculum Connections: English Language Arts, Social Studies
$50: | 60 minute session | 30 students max.

NEW Cause + Consequence: Fur Trade in Kamloops (Grade 4) | Learning through artefacts, archival documents, stories, and photos, students will explore the Fur Trade in Kamloops. Focusing on the causes and consequences of this history, students will use Historical Thinking Concepts to "think like a historian" and chart out not only the immediate impacts but also the longer-term consequences of colonialism that can still be felt throughout Canada today.
Curruiculum Links: Social Studies
$50: | 75 minute session | 30 students max.

NEW Ethics + Injustice: Discriminatory Policies in Canada (Grade 5) | As Canada has grown as a nation we can reflect on the collective decisions that have shaped us today, and also think about how those decisions have lead to community-building, grassroots movements, and at times, injustice. This program will look at two laws, one local and one national, asking students to draw conclusions and make ethical judgements about these past laws.
Curriculum Connections: Social Studies
$50: | 60 minute session | 30 students max.

ARCHIVES 101 (Grade 5 to 12) | The Mary Balf Archives is home to over 8000 photographs, primary historical documents and newspapers on microfilm. Join our archivist to explore the functionality of an archives and utilize the museum's collections. Please note this class can only be booked in the mornings.
Curruiculum Links: Social Studies, English Language Arts
$90: | 90 minute session | 20 students max

RESEARCHING HISTORY (Grade 5 to 12) | Kick off your research right! This program is perfect for any class wanting to learn how to do primary document research. Each class is split into two groups: one half goes on a tour of the KMA that looks at artefacts as primary source material while the other half is introduced to the Mary Balf Archives. This program is about one hour in length and hosted by the Museum Educator and Archivist. Please note this class can only be booked in the mornings.
Curruiculum Links: Social Studies, English Language Arts
$50: | 60 minute session | 30 students + 2 adults (split into 2 groups)


NEW Highlight Tour | Come and explore the stories behind some of our favourite artefacts. This tour will look at small and large artefacts - from a fur trade cabin to a local mascot - delving deeper into their history and connection to Kamloops.
$45: | 1 hour | 25 people max

NEW Canada 150 Tour | In commemoration of Canada's sesquicentennial, the KMA has produced the Talking Walls Project, a graphic framework that offers new tools for exploring Kamloops' history and new places to find it. This tour will include critical questions around the celebration of Canada's 150th birthday and explore the pop-up museums at Kamloops City Hall, City of Kamloops Development Services & Engineering (105 Seymour St.), and then head back to explore the Canada 150 exhibit at the KMA.
FREE | 1 hour | 15 people max

The Canada 150 Tour will run every Friday at 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm from July 7th – Sept 22nd (except July 14th), starting at the Overlanders Statues outside of City Hall. Please call the museum at 250-828-3576 or email to book.

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