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Canada's Tournament Capital

On October 21, 2001 Mayor and Council launched the Tournament Capital of Canada program.

For many years Kamloops has been synonymous with first class events, a knowledgeable and enthusiastic volunteer base, strong athletic showings, and a wide variety of outstanding venues.

The City of Kamloops has long recognized Sport Tourism as an economic generator for the City and to that end has made the Tournament Capital of Canada one of its top goals in City Council's Strategic Plan.

Canada's Tournament Capital In March of 2002, the City officially registered its trademark as "The Tournament Capital of Canada" and the logo designed by Vaughn Warren became the symbol of Kamloops, appearing on City vehicles, signage and logo wear.

The logo highlights the peaks of Mounts Peter and Paul bordered by the confluence of the North and South Thompson Rivers which is depicted as the blue ribbon of a gold medal. The colours reflect the warm desert colours of the grasslands and the green of the valley bottom in Kamloops.

In 2008 the City of Kamloops hired Trapeze Communications Inc. of Victoria, BC to create a "brand" for the City. This visual identity included a colour blocking motif, several illustrated sports and cultural line drawings, and modifications to our Tournament Capital logo. The official trademark was changed to "Canada's Tournament Capital" and the logo was modified to reflect our new status. The wordmark was placed along the bottom of the logo to anchor the artwork. The artwork emblem was rotated slightly to make it more level and the maple leaf in the medallion section was changed to a solid red colour.

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