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Community Vision

The following vision has been developed and refined using feedback received during Let’s Ta!k Phases 1 and 2 of the KAMPLAN Review and Update process:

Kamloops is a sustainable, environmentally friendly community that supports active and healthy living, and is characterized as resilient, inclusive and vibrant.

  • Sustainable Community – Kamloops is an environmental leader, inspiring a culture of sustainability among residents as the city progresses towards greater ecological health, livability, economic vitality, and community resiliency.
  • Healthy People – Recreational and cultural activities are plentiful, further enhance social networks, and support healthy and active lifestyles.
  • Resilient Economy - Kamloops’ economy is growing and vibrant, with training and education opportunities that help retain and attract new businesses.
  • Inclusive Housing - Shelter is available and affordable to all residents through a variety of housing types that accommodate changing demographics and population growth.
  • Vibrant Neighbourhoods - Neighbourhoods are safe, compact, and vibrant places in which to live, work, and play, with diverse housing choices and access to both community amenities and public transit.

Community Values

During Let's Ta!k Phase 1 of the KAMPLAN Review and Update process, the public was asked to identify a set of Community Values that relate to the Community Vision and provide direction for the goals and policies contained in KAMPLAN, the City’s Official Community Plan. The community values are:

Develop complete neighbourhoods
Create safe, accessible, and inclusive neighbourhoods that are easy to get around and offer a broad range of housing choices, amenities, and services.

Support urban densification
Focus densification in mixed-use centres and neighbourhood centres to create vibrant mixed-used neighbourhoods.

Support the availability of diverse housing options
Enable people from all walks and stages of life to locate and secure housing that is safe, affordable and appropriate.

Improve transportation and connectivity
Invest in road infrastructure, public transit, pedestrian, bicycle and trail networks in areas of highest need and plan for all active forms of transportation. Provide safe and convenient access to neighbourhoods, parks, open spaces, and daily amenities for people travelling from home, work and other destinations.

Invest in arts, culture, sports and recreation
Enhance quality of life, community identity, pride, and social networks by investing in community arts, culture, sports, and recreation. Foster healthy and active living by ensuring that parks, trails and open spaces are available and accessible to all residents.

Support local and regional food systems
Support the production of local and regional food through partnerships with all levels of government, agricultural producers, distributors, and retailers to enhance community food security and ensure equitable access to healthy food for all residents.

Promote environmental stewardship
Reduce the City’s environmental footprint; prioritize restoration of the riverfront and riparian areas; protect ecologically sensitive areas; promote water and energy conservation; and support best practices for stormwater management, waste reduction, and airshed management.

Promote economic resiliency
Support a vibrant and thriving economy that attracts new businesses and provides opportunities for residents to prosper and Kamloops to flourish.

Optimize existing municipal infrastructure
Utilize existing services to ensure the City has the financial resources to meet residents’ needs in a cost effective manner now and in the future.

Build regional partnerships
Work cooperatively with Tk'emlúps te Secwépemc, the Thompson-Nicola Regional District, government agencies, and stakeholders, to determine and evaluate opportunities for collaboration and planning.

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