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Let's Talk

Public engagement activities for Phase 2 have concluded! The Phase 2 Public Input Report is available for viewing. In Phase 2 , the focus was on two potential land use scenarios to accommodate population growth over the next 20 years, and draft goals and policy directions under KAMPLAN's 10 topic areas: land management and development; environment; infrastructure; transportation and mobility; housing; parks, recreation, and open space; economic development; arts, culture, and heritage; community well-being; and health and safety. To get input, the following activities were held:

  • 20 self-facilitated community "OCPizza Nights"
  • 3 Roadshow events at area malls and the Farmers’ Market
  • 17 formal group meetings
  • 2 youth engagement sessions
  • ...and more!

What's Next?

Now in Phase 3, City staff are using the feedback provided in Phase 2 to complete the 1st draft of the new KAMPLAN. After undergoing a technical, and legal review, the 1st draft will be released for public review in May 2017 accompanied by an online questionnaire to gather input.

Let's Ta!k Phase 3 will also include a series of KAMPLAN Cafes featuring roundtable discussion where we'll ask residents to consider challenges and opportunities if we achieve the OCP's goals, and seek feedback on any "big ideas" we may want to consider including. Specific dates will be scheduled soon. Stay tuned!

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