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Development & Engineering Services » Planning & Development » KAMPLAN: Official Community Plan


The City's Official Community Plan (KAMPLAN) says Kamloops will continue to provide the best quality of life for all residents by:

  • Building strong and diverse neighbourhoods;
  • Providing a variety of housing types;
  • Encouraging healthy and active lifestyles;
  • Supporting cultural and athletic pursuits;
  • Diversifying economic and educational opportunities; and
  • Maintaining sustainable environmental stewardship.

For a hard copy version, please call 250-828-3561 or e-mail

Table of Contents
Regional Context
Growth Management
Quality of Life
Economic Development
Municipal Infrastructure
Development Permit Areas
1.0. Schedule 1 Introduction
1.1. City Centre
1.2 North Shore
1.3 Westsyde
1.4 Pineview Valley
1.5 Mt Dufferin
1.6 South Thompson Silt Bluffs Red Zone
1.7 Dallas Commercial Core
1.8 Campbell Creek Industrial Park
1.9 McGill Corridor
1.10 Notre Dame Drive
1.11 Sahali Commercial
1.12 Orchards Walk
1.13 Juniper Corner
1.14 Riparian Areas Regulation (RAR)
1.15 Multiple Family
1.16 Site Specific Commercial and Industrial
1.17 Intensive Residential
1.19 Iron Mask West Industrial
Map 1 Generalized Land Use Map
Map 2 Parks and Schools
Map 3 Hazard Lands
Map 4 Environmentally Sensitive Areas
Map 5 Major Road Network

Planning and Development
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Kamloops, BC V2C 2C6
ph 250-828-3561
fax 250-828-3848

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