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Corporate Services & Community Safety » Information Technology

IT Services

Information Technology provides the following services:

Client Services
The Client Services Section deploys and maintains core technology such as server and desktop systems, network switches, large printers and VoIP telephony. A friendly helpdesk service assists users with Microsoft Office, Tempest Land, Class Recreation and other enterprise software. Supporting over 100 different applications and almost 1000 other devices like printers, scanners, mobile phones, televisions and projectors is no small task. The section handles over 7500 support incidents each year.

Database Services
The Database Services Section manages the complex servers and software which form the core of the City's information based systems. From financial applications to geographic information to fire dispatch and skating registration, the City relies on high performance Oracle and Microsoft databases to store and retrieve many terabytes of structured data.

Geographic Information Services
The Geographic Information Services Section provides high-quality spatial data analysis and mapping services, web mapping services, systems integration, and corporate asset repository services. Being able to locate City assets and visually identify properties, utilities, rights of ways and structures on maps and imagery is a necessity for almost every City business process.

Business Analysis Services
The Business Analysis Services Section provides analysis of technology and solutions to ensure they are appropriate and cost-effective. Determining needs of the organization and making appropriate selections helps users get the right tool for the job. The team manages large technology projects to ensure resources are applied appropriately and that city staff and outside vendors work together for success.

Records Management
The Records Management Section administers a City-wide program promoting the responsible capture, use, storage, and disposal or preservation of the Citys information assets. With tens of millions of electronic and paper documents, the goal is to structure business processes and document repositories to meet corporate policy, and freedom of information and privacy protection legislation. The records team also implements new ways of making documents easy to find and file.

Tony Klancar, Information Technology Manager
7 Victoria Street West
Kamloops, BC V2C 1A2
ph 250-828-3505
fx 250-828-3578

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