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Principle#3 - Appropriate Plant Selection

Selecting the right plant for the right spot depends on a number of factors.

Water Requirements
There are many beautiful trees, shrubs and flowers with low water requirements. (See Creating a Kamloops Xeriscape Plants brochure.) If you choose plants with higher water requirements, group them together so you can water your yard more efficiently.

Cold Hardiness
Most plants are given a hardiness rating according to temperature zones, with Zone 1 being coldest to Zone 10 being the mildest. Our Kamloops climate ranges between Zones 3 at its highest levels, to Zone 6 at the valley bottom. See Kamloops Plant Hardiness Zones

Within these zones there are areas known as micro-climates, where the climate is affected by the surrounding area. Hedges, walls, and fencing, may offer protection that can alter growing conditions.

Whether an area is sunny or shady, windy or protected, exposure will determine what plants will flourish where.

Landscape Value
Try to plan for year round interest and enjoyment by considering more than just flowers. Think about colour and texture of leaves, bark and fruit, along with overall branching and shape of various plants.

Plants vary greatly in the amount of care required to keep them looking attractive. Select plants that realistically meet your gardening time constraints.

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healthy landscapes, healthy living