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Principle #7 - Maintenance

Although xeriscaping can reduce yard maintenance, no landscape is completely maintenance-free. While plants are establishing themselves, there is a period when they will require more care and attention.

When a landscape is created by applying all seven xeriscape principles, it will require less maintenance over time.

Maintenance in a xeriscape, as in any landscape, includes weeding, mowing, pruning, fertilizing, pest control and watering.

Pull weeds as soon as you notice them. It is easier and most effective when the soil is moist. Many people look to landscape fabric as a solution; however, it has limited weed control effectiveness. It is most useful for keeping inorganic mulch from mixing with the soil. If you are considering landscape fabric here are some points to keep in mind:

  • It doesn't allow the spread of groundcover plants.
  • If planting flowers, it eventually becomes too holey to be effective.
  • If using organic mulch over top, a layer is created (from decomposing material) that will grow weeds on top of the fabric.

Keep your grass at least 5-7 ½ cm (2-3") long. This helps shade the roots and hold in moisture.

Over pruning can promote weak growth and actually increases a plant's water needs. Allowing plants to achieve their natural growth produces a better appearance and reduces the amount of pruning that is necessary.

Excessive fertilizing will promote fast, but weak growth and actually increases a plant's water needs. A soil test will determine if fertilizing is required.

Pest Control
The best way to control pests is to provide the essentials for good plant growth: good soil, adequate light, and only the required amounts of water.

Over-watering contributes to rapid weak plant growth, fertilizer leaching, insect and disease problems, and weed growth. Please water wisely.

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