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Reasons why traditional lawns are becoming less desirable:

  • In our semi-arid climate, rainfall is not enough to keep grass green and the cost of watering grass can be an issue.
  • Many people don't have the time or energy to maintain a lawn that needs to be cut and watered frequently.
  • There are environmental concerns surrounding herbicides/pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and lawnmower emissions.

Did you know?
Before herbicides came into common use in the 1950's, white clover was considered a standard of excellence in lawn care and was a desired component of lawn seed mixes. Good quality grass seed had a high percentage of white clover (a.k.a. Dutch clover or Dutch white clover).

Healthy Landscapes, Healthy Living Clover: Friend or Foe?

Try growing a clover lawn in a small area and see how much time, energy, and water you save.
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