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Friend or Foe?

White Clover - Consider the following and you decide.


  • Stays green all summer with less water than grass.
  • Usually grows 5-15 cm (2-6 inches) tall and requires little mowing.
  • Grows well in poor soil.
  • Aerates the soil on its own.
  • Never needs a nitrogen application since it creates its own fertilizer.
  • Never needs herbicides. In fact, most herbicides kill clover.
  • Out-competes most weeds.
  • Attracts beneficial insects that feed on aphids, scales, whiteflies, and other pests in the garden.
  • Immune to 'dog spots'.
  • Soft to walk on.
  • Is inexpensive.


  • Stains clothing more easily than grass.
  • Not durable enough for high traffic areas (unless mixed with grass).
  • May require reseeding.
  • Attracts bees (pro & con). Bees can be an issue for those with allergies, but they can be discouraged by mowing the flowers off during the blooming season.
  • Does not thrive in shady conditions.

Why not try an experimental clover lawn in a small area and see how much time, energy, and water you save?

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