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There's more than one way for your lawn to be healthy. Reducing or eliminating pesticides is definitely a healthy option for your family, pets, and neighbours. A healthy lawn is achieved by feeding the soil not the grass. Nourish the soil and most weeds will be crowded out over time.

Interactive Lawn Care

Learn how to cultivate a healthy lawn

Learn how to cultivate a healthy lawn with this point-and-click tutorial: Interactive Lawn Care.

Tips for having healthy grass

  1. Water Properly
  2. Mow High
  3. Grass Cycling
  4. De-thatch
  5. Aerate
  6. Topdress
  7. Overseed
  8. Fertilize

Grass Alternatives

Many people are recognizing that there are beautiful and ecologically important alternatives to grass lawns. White Dutch Clover is a great choice due to its many benefits. For other ideas see our Creating a Kamloops Xeriscape brochure.

For additional information see Lawn Alternatives - Clover.

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