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3. Grass Cycling

So what is Grasscycling? Grasscycling (or Mulching) is the simple practise of leaving the grass clippings on the lawn after mowing. Once cut, grassclippings first dehydrate, then decompose, quickly disappearing from view.

Benefits of Grasscycling

  • No need to bag the clipping and having to dispose of them.
  • Reduce the amount of time you spend mowing by 35% (less bagging, raking and watering).
  • Buy less fertilizer. Leaving clippings on your lawn can make up 25% of your lawns fertilizer requirement.
  • Grass clippings shade grass roots and aid in keeping the soil cool. And because grass clippings are made up of more than 85 percent water they return valuable moisture to the soil.

Tips For Better Grasscycling

  • Keep your lawn a little longer, at least 6 cm or 2.5 inches.
  • Mow no more then 1/3 the length of your grass at one time.
  • Mow when grass is dry. If grass is wet the clipping will lump together.
  • Keep your mower blade sharp.

Grasscycling does not require a special mower. Most mowers (push, electric or gas) can be used for grasscycling. Newer lawn mowers should have come with a mulching blade but your older mower can be retro-fitted with a mulching blade for around $20. A mulching blade differs from a regular blade in that the back part of the blade is bent upwards to deflect the grass clippings to the roof of your mower where they will be cut again as they fall toward the grass. A regular blade is straight.

Different types of mulching blades that can be purchased for most mowers. If you need a mulching blade, it is best to take your old mower blade in to the local mower shop for them to match your old blade with a new mulching blade.

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