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Frequently Asked Questions

What size garbage cart do I need?
The 245 L cart should have sufficient capacity for most customers, as it is equivalent to 3.2 bags of garbage.

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The City has reviewed our garbage collection data and that of other municipalities and found that customers place an average of two to three bags at the curb on collection day. However, customers that regularly recycle paper products, milk jugs, and yard waste may find that the 175 L cart provides sufficient weekly capacity.

The smallest 120 L cart is for those customers that do not generate much garbage. These carts, which hold the equivalent of 1.5 bags of garbage, are more suited to single occupants, seniors, and customers who recycle and compost all recyclable paper products, milk jugs, and yard waste.

What about extra garbage bags?
Extra garbage stickers can be purchased for $2 at City Hall, Hasty Market, and Safeway.

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Only garbage that is inside the container with the lid completely closed will be collected. Place one sticker on each extra garbage bag and place bags on the ground beside your wheeled cart. Alternatively, garbage can be disposed of at the Mission Flats or Barnhartvale Landfills.

What about yard and green waste?
The City strongly encourages residents to take green waste to the McGill Road and Barnhartvale drop-off depots or to the Cinnamon Ridge compost facility. Grass clippings are banned from curbside garbage collection.

Where should I store my cart?
Most residents choose to store their carts in a convenient location such as their carport, garage, or at the side of their house. The footprint (dimensions at the base of the cart) is not appreciably larger than an average-sized garbage container.

Where do I set out my cart for collection?
The garbage carts should be placed on the curbside with the wheels against the gutter, the curb, or at the edge of the roadway by 7:00 a.m. on collection day. Lane customers, please refer to the question above.

What kind of garbage can I put in the cart?
All regular household garbage may be placed inside the carts. Anything that is placed inside the cart must be able to fall freely when dumped.

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Clean cardboard and newsprint is prohibited in your garbage container, but rather should be placed in your recycling container. Grass clippings are also prohibited from either your garbage or recycling container. Other items that should not be placed in the containers include:

Items Banned From Collection
Dirt Concrete Flammable, Toxic or Hazardous Materials Paint
Sod Bricks Hot ashes or Charcoal Needles
Rocks Metal Construction Materials Solvents
Animal Waste (Offal)

Residents are encouraged to take advantage of the current recycling options available to them to reduce the amount of garbage they need to place at the curb.

What can I put in my recycling cart?
Effective April 3, 2017, the new residential recycling program from RecycleBC outlines what is accepted in your recycling cart. Download the full Recycling Guide.

What provisions will be made for disabled residents?
If you have difficulty moving the cart to your collection point, you may apply for City assistance. If you medically qualify, City crews will move your cart to the collection point and return it at the end of collection day. Application forms are available by calling 250-828-3461.

Will the driver pick up my recycling/garbage at the same time each collection day?
There is no set time for collection in any given neighborhood - residents must ensure their carts are out a 7:00 am, when drivers begin collecting. Pick up time in each neighborhood may vary depending on the driver, road conditions, equipment malfunctions, and various other issues.

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