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Curbside Recycling Program Changes

Effective April 3, 2017


Why is the City making changes to my service?
By joining the RecycleBC (formerly Multi-Materials BC) program, the City of Kamloops will collect printed paper and packaging (PPP) materials on behalf of RecycleBC and in return receive approximately $1.1 million annually. This revenue can help offset the City's recycling service costs. This provides future opportunities for our solid waste program and help keep utilities low. Read the news release.

How does this change affect my service?
The RecycleBC program is expected to result in more material being recycled overall. Materials like glass and film plastics cannot be mixed with other curbside materials and must be taken to a designated depot to be recycled.

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The end result will be that more materials are recycled from curbside collection. RecycleBC has clear guidelines as to what can and cannot be recycled, and ensures that markets exist for products that are included in its program. Download the new Recycling Guide.

Will my collection day stay the same?
Yes. Your collection day will remain the same and is unaffected by the City's enrolment in the RecycleBC program. The City's collection crews will continue to follow the curbside collection schedule included in the 2017 City Calendar.

When will the changes take effect?
Changes to the collection program will begin April 3, 2017.

What materials won't be accepted in the curbside collection program?
Glass and film plastic (shopping bags, bread bags and other plastic overwrap) will no longer be accepted in curbside recycling carts.

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However, these materials can be dropped off at one of three designated depots in Kamloops. New materials that will now be acceptable in curbside recycling carts include pizza boxes, empty aerosol cans and paper pet food bags. Download the new Recycling Guide.

Why is glass no longer accepted?
Glass can easily break during the collection and recycling processes, and is then more difficult to sort from other recyclables. This leads to an overall decrease in the amount of glass and other curbside recycling materials ultimately being recycled. Learn more from RecycleBC.

Why are film plastics no longer accepted?
Film plastics (shopping bags, bread bags and other plastic overwrap) mix with other recyclables during collection and are difficult to separate.

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Plastic bags collected with other materials also get caught up in processing equipment. Both of these issues lead to less film plastics and other materials being recycled. When plastic bags and overwrap are returned to one of the designated depots, staff can ensure material is empty, clean and dry and only the correct types of soft plastic are included. Learn more from RecycleBC.

Where do I recycle glass and film plastic?
Glass and film plastic can be taken to one of three designated depots for recycling.

  • General Grants Recycling Centre (North Shore) - 611 Fortune Drive
  • General Grants Recycling Centre (South Shore) - 963 Camosun Crescent
  • Lorne Street Bottle Depot - 270 Halston Avenue.

Will any new material be accepted in curbside collection?
Yes, new items that can now be placed in curbside recycling carts include pizza boxes, empty aerosol cans, and paper pet food bags.

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The City will work with RecycleBC to identify additional items that may be acceptable for curbside collection in the future. Residents are encouraged to check the City's website for updates to the list of acceptable materials. Download the new Recycling Guide.

What material is accepted at the depots?
The two General Grants Recycling Centres (611 Fortune Drive and 963 Camosun Crescent) and the Lorne Street Bottle Depot (270 Halston Avenue) have been designated depots for RecycleBC since 2014.

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These depots collect many other items covered under various EPR programs, such as beverage containers, electronics, and paints. Through the RecycleBC program, residents can also recycle foam packaging (StyrofoamTM, expanded polystyrene) which includes clean foam food containers and trays (meat trays, egg cartons, cups, etc.) and foam cushion packaging (from electronics, small appliances, etc.). Residents can also drop off any items accepted in the curbside recycling program, but the material must be sorted into the appropriate bins at each depot. Download the new Recycling Guide.

Which other municipalities have joined the RecycleBC program?
Over 75 local governments and First Nations have joined the RecycleBC program since it began operating in 2014, including Vernon, Kelowna, Penticton, Prince George and many others. The City of Abbotsford, the City of Chilliwack and the District of Mission will also be joining the RecycleBC program in 2017.

What is RecycleBC?
RecycleBC (formerly Multi-Materials BC) is a recycling program for Printed Paper and Packaging (PPP) and is one of more than 20 Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) programs introduced in BC over the past two decades.

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Through these programs, industry is responsible for end-of-life management of items such as beverage containers, electronics, paint, used oil, tires and batteries. EPR is a way for industry to manage the environmental impact of products during all stages of the product lifecycle, from production to collection and recycling when a product is no longer useful. RecycleBC is a non-profit organization working on behalf of businesses that supply packaging and printed paper to BC residents.
Visit their website

Why is the list of materials accepted in the curbside collection program changing?
RecycleBC is a province-wide program that is required to be consistent across all municipalities to ensure maximum collection.

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The large scale of the program requires certainty of markets and therefore must address reducing traditionally problematic mixed recycling (i.e. containing glass and film plastic) while at the same time providing economies of scale for accepting new materials. Download the new Recycling Guide.

If I have glass or film plastic in my recycling cart in the first week of April, will my recycling cart be collected?
Recycling carts containing glass or film plastics will be collected in April; however, an educational notice will be left behind, advising that this material was found. Recycling carts repeatedly found with glass, film plastic or other material not accepted in the recycling program will not be collected. Download the new Recycling Guide.

Does the RecycleBC program apply to residents in Multi-Family homes?
Yes, multi-family homes that receive recycling collection from the City will be part of the RecycleBC program. Not sure if you are included? Check here.

Where can I get more information?
More information will be made available here over the coming weeks. Check back often for frequent updates regarding the changes to the City’s recycling program. Download the new Recycling Guide.

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