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Residents » Firesmart

Preventing Wildfires

The current extreme fire danger within the province is unprecedented (see here for daily fire ratings). Kamloops Fire Rescue is working in partnership with various departments within the City to assess and, if necessary, adjust our practices to prevent wildfires in areas of risk.

Some mitigation efforts have already been implemented:

  • Termination of boulevard and right-of-way maintenance (effective August 2)
  • Closure of all nature parks (1:00 pm on August 4) View map...
  • Closure of Barnhartvale Landfill and Yard Waste Depot (effective August 5) Learn more...
  • Fire risk assessment and mitigation management plans on all capital projects (ongoing)

Some basic fire smart tips:

  • dispose of cigarettes in designated containers
  • abide by park closures when in effect
  • FireSmart your home. Find out how.
  • report wildfires immediately by calling 911 or *5555 on mobile phones

FireSmart Manual: Download Here

Air Quality

Kamloops has been experiencing very poor air quality as a result of the wildfires in the region. We encourage residents to monitor the Air Quality Health Index on a daily basis and abide by the advisories issued BC Air Quality. The Interior Health website provides information on how to reduce your exposure to smoke and identify the symptoms of smoke exposure.

PDF: Important information about using face masks during wildfire smoke events.

We are asking residents to consider the consequences of their actions and do their part to prevent wildfires and manage the wildfire risk within the city.

Together, we can keep our community safe.