Fire Prevention

Fire Prevention

Since 1979 Kamloops has had a strong Fire Prevention program. Full time staffing in the Fire Prevention Division has increased and new programs have been put in place. The Division liases with other City departments providing input on relevant issues.

In 1982, on-duty Firefighters began inspecting buildings to ensure compliance with fire safety requirements and to educate people on how to properly protect themselves from fire.

A strong inspection program, increased public education and thorough fire investigations have yielded positive results. This commitment must continue to grow in order to provide our community with the level of emergency services currently enjoyed.

Fire Prevention and its associated components is an integral part of effective fire and emergency services. Inspections should continue with more responsibility placed on occupancy representatives to conduct their own safety inspections.

Public education promotes awareness and impresses upon people their role in fire safety and prevention. Fire investigations allow us to spot trends so that all concerned are made aware of what has happened and how it can be prevented in the future. Fire investigations help us to identify deliberately set fires and to collect evidence in order to convict offenders.

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