Home Safety Tips

Home Safety Tips

  • Do not overload your electrical outlets - If you need more plug-ins use a POWER BAR with Can-UL certification.

  • Check your power cords for any excess wear or cuts

  • It is never a bad idea to have one or more fire extinguishers in your home - typically one in the kitchen and one in the garage

  • Extinguishers should be ABC classification

  • If you are storing any gasoline or other flammable liquids, make sure they are stored in cooler and well ventilated areas away from any sources of ignition

  • If you use candles, make sure they are never left unattended. Make sure you extinguish them if you leave the house

  • Don't forget to empty your lint trap in the dryer after every load of laundry. Excess lint in the lint trap or ducting does not allow for the proper drying of clothes and can cause lint to build up in other areas of the dryer where they may cause a fire hazard

  • If you have a grease fire on your stove never attempt to carry the pot outside. Doing so may result in serious burn injury to yourself or excess fire spread if the pot is dropped. Put the lid on to extinguish the fire, or use your home fire extinguisher to put out the fire. Always call the local fire department if you have any kind of fire in your home, even if you believe you have the fire extinguished

  • If you have a designated smoking area on the outside of your home, make sure you have a proper container to dispose of the smoking material. Never use a pot planter or plastic container as your ash tray or extinguishment container

*If you have any questions or concerns regarding the fire safety of your home, don't hesitate to call the local Fire Department.

Fire Prevention Division - 250-372-5131
Life Safety Division - 250571-2967

Kamloops Fire Rescue
1205 Summit Drive
Kamloops, BC V2C 5R9
P: 250-372-5131 F: 250-372-1447

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