Dispatch Centre

Dispatch Centre

The Kamloops Fire Rescue Dispatch Centre partners with 29 fire departments throughout the Thompson-Nicola Regional District providing a reliable, centralized, 911 support facility. The centre is one of the few in British Columbia to provide 911 fire services for their entire regional district.

State of the art equipment

The Kamloops Dispatch Centre system is designed with radio, landline, satellite communication redundancy and all systems have battery backup. In some cases UPS systems are in place to ensure a constant power supply, vital for communications and dispatch equipment.

The dispatch communications is centered on three distinct systems: The latest FDM CAD, (computer aided dispatch) mapping system, FDM Records management system and a ZETRON series 4000 radio dispatch console system.

The FDM CAD mapping software automatically "pops up" the location of a 911 caller from any of the major cities or towns located within the Thompson Nicola Regional District. This state of the art system features excellent mapping and asset management capabilities.

The ZETRON series 4000 radio dispatch system is designed specifically for no single point failure specifications. The system allows communication operators to dispatch multiple fire departments simultaneously and maintain contact throughout the incident.

All communications at the centre are recorded on a CVDS call recording and archiving system. All voice communications are archived.

The City of Kamloops and the TNRD is well served with a flexible and reliant system able to meet our needs for years to come.

Kamloops Fire Rescue
1205 Summit Drive
Kamloops, BC V2C 5R9
P: 250-372-5131 F: 250-372-1447
Assistant Chief Dan Sutherland
E: dsutherland@kamloops.ca

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