Reducing the fire hazard by lowering fuel mitigations.

Community Wildfire Protection Program

"To identify and reduce the risk of life, property and environmental losses directly or indirectly to wildfire within, or threatening City boundaries through effective pre-planning and preparation."

The City of Kamloops Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) is structured to articulate the wildfire situation within the municipal boundaries of the City of Kamloops to the administrative and elected officials charged with developing fiscal policy, the Ministry of Forests and Range, Director of Protection, and various stakeholders.

The CWPP is also intended to convey management direction from the City of Kamloops Fire Chief, educate the public and stakeholders, and explain the process used to identify wildfire risks and the appropriate mitigations.

Finally, the intent of the CWPP is to organize multiple hazard reduction projects, programs, and initiatives into a single unified plan.

Guiding Principles

  1. Wildfires occur regularly in the natural environment surrounding and within the Kamloops City limits and will continue to occur regardless of the most successful prevention programs.

  2. In some natural environments, planned prescribed fire (as opposed to wildfire) is desirable and effective in restoring ecological health and reducing the risk of wildfire losses.

  3. Losses to wildfire cannot be eliminated; however, they can be significantly reduced with appropriate pre-planning and preparation.

  4. Education, engineering, and enforcement are the pillars of wildfire risk reduction.

  5. A comprehensive approach involving fuel management, infrastructure and structural design, pre-suppression preparedness, and emergency response must be taken to effectively reduce the risk of wildfire losses.

  6. Mitigations must not only be planned for, but carried out.

  7. Due to the dynamic nature of wildland vegetation and community, ongoing maintenance must occur and mitigations must be re-evaluated and adapted to changing situations.


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