Tips on how to protect your home from wildfire threats

What you can do

  • Prune tree branches to a height of 2 meters or more

  • Store fire wood 10 meters or more from the house (avoid down slope location)

  • Remove all trees, long grass, shrubs, logs, branches, twigs and needles within 10 meters of house

  • Thin trees (with 3-6 meters between crowns) for at least 30 meters from the house

  • Contact your utility company if trees or branches are not clear of power lines

  • Address, fire or lot number clearly signed for quick identification by fire service

  • Driveway is wide enough to accommodate emergency vehicles

  • Try to provide an alternate emergency access route to your property

  • Pond or tank with emergency water supply

  • Driveway clear of trees to a distance of at least 3 or 4 meters

  • Chimney installed to code complete with spark arrestor screens

  • All eaves enclosed and screen all vents including soffits

  • Underside of balconies, desks and crawlspaces sheathed in with flame resistant materials

  • Propane tanks located at least 10m from buildings- clear all vegetation within 3 meters

  • Use only fire retardant roofing rated Class A,B or C and fire resistant exterior siding

  • Solid shutters or metal fire screens will provide increased fire protection for windows and doors

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