Reduce the source of fuel around your home to protect it from wildfire threats

Pruning tips for wildfire safety

During a forest fire, vegetation is fuel. Prevent structure loss by clearing and thinning trees and brush.

  • Thin trees to leave three metres (10 feet) of separation.

  • Remove dead or highly flammable trees.

  • On level ground, thin strands of trees within two tree heights (minimum 30 metres - 100 feet) of the structure.

  • On sloped ground, thin downslope stands of trees to a greater distance from the structure. On steeper slopes, thin trees further downslope from the structure.

  • Prune trees - remove branches within 2.5 metres (8 feet) of the ground.

  • Perform a general clean-up.

  • Regularly remove and dispose of logs, needles, twigs and shrubs that encourage the spread of fire on the ground.

  • Keep firewood and debris piles at least 10 metres (30 feet) away - never downslope - from a structure.

  • Clear over-hanging branches, needles and other combustible debris from the roof.

  • Remove accumulated debris from below slotted deck surfaces.

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