Where homes meet forest is the interface that needs to managed to reduce wildfire threats

Develop interface priority zones

Forest Fuel Management
The main objective is to reduce the amount of forest fire fuel present in our interface areas in order to reduce the likelihood of a catastrophic fire within our community.

Interface Priority Zones

    Priority Zone 1 is your "first priority" a 10 meter radius around your home should be a fuel free area. Remove any shrubs, trees, deadfall, or woodpiles from this area and keep your lawn mowed and watered.

    Priority Zone 2 is 10 to 30 meters out from your home. The priority for this zone is to reduce fuels by thinning and pruning. Remove trees and debris, space trees so that the crowns of individual trees are 3-6 meters apart. Remove highly combustible trees in the area. Coniferous trees, such as pine and spruces are more combustible than deciduous trees. Replant area with trees that have a low flammability. Trees such as aspen, popular and birch all have low flammability.

    Priority Zone 3 starts 30 meters from any structures and extents to a distance to 100 meters. In this area trees should be thinned and properly spaced (3-6 meters between crowns). Under story vegetation should be thinned and reduced.

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