Protect your home from wildfire threats

Protect your home from wildfire

Your home doesn't have to be right along parklands or undeveloped lands to be at risk. In the photo above, an ignited hedge from a flying ember threatens this home and surrounding neighbours because the hedge is too close to structures.

Many Kamloops residents live in or near forested areas. Wildland/Urban Interface is the area where flammable forest fuels such as trees, shrubs and branches and improvements, such as houses, sheds and fences come together.

In BC, some 2500 forest fires annually threaten and occasionally burn homes, summer cottages and cabins.

Establish priority zones

Priority Zone 1: Remove most trees and brush within 10 metres (30 feet) of structures.

Priority Zone 2: Thin trees and brush up to 30 metres (100 feet) of structures.

Minimizing the risk

Everyone shares the responsibility of preserving life and property by planning for fire protection. If you live in a forested area, you need to minimize the risk.

  • Prune trees regularly.

  • Clean up debris.

  • Know your home and property.

  • Before you buy, familiarize yourself with fire protection services available in the area.

  • Contact the nearest Forest Service office for the forest fire history of the area.

  • Forest Service personnel can assist you to develop your fire protection plan.

  • Thin and prune trees and brush.

More information

For more information on the BC Forest Service Protection program, contact the office nearest you:

Kamloops Fire Centre
Kamloops, BC, 250-554-5500

BC Forest Service - Protection Program
Victoria, BC, 250-387-5965

Coastal Fire Centre
Parksville, BC, 250-951-4222

Northwest Fire Centre
Smithers, BC, 250-847-6600

Prince George Fire Centre
Prince George, BC, 250-565-6126

Southeast Fire Centre
Castlegar, BC, 250-365-4040

Cariboo Fire Centre
Williams Lake, BC, 250-989-2600

Kamloops Fire Rescue
1205 Summit Drive
Kamloops, BC V2C 5R9
P: 250-372-5131 F: 250-372-1447
Deputy Chief Mike Adams

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