When building or remodeling your home plan to safeguard against wildfire threats

Building & remodeling to be wildfire safe

Untreated, wooden shake roofs are the number one cause of home losses in wildfires.
Use fire resistant roofing material like metal roofing, clay or concrete tile, asphalt shingle or treated wooden shakes.

Balconies, Decks and Eaves
Construct deck supports of non-combustible materials or encase them - heavy timbers are more fire resistant.
Enclose the underside of overhangs with non-flammable material or plywood sheathing.
Construct balcony and deck surfaces of non-combustible or fire retardant materials.

Exterior Siding
Use fire resistant building materials such as stucco, metal, brick, cement shingles, concrete block, poured concrete and rock.
Ensure siding material is a minimum of 12 millimetres ( inch) thick and extends from ground level to the roof line.

Windows and Vents
Ensure windows do not face trees or brush within 10 metres (30 feet).
Use double paned windows with metal blinds.
Ensure vent openings are screened with six millimetres ( inch) mesh.
Have fire shutters or screens that can be rapidly placed over windows or vent openings if fire approaches.
Maintain access to attics, crawl spaces and underdeck areas so that spot fires can be detected and extinguished following the passage of fire.
Locate fuel tanks away from structures.

Maintain a 3 metre (10 feet) clearance between branches, trees and powerlines. Contact the utility company to remove dead or diseased standing timber within a tree length of the power line.
Clear combustible material within 3 metres (10 feet) of fuel tanks. Locate tanks at least 10 metres (30 feet) away from structures.

Establish priority zones

Priority Zone 1: Remove most trees and brush within 10 metres (30 feet) of structures.
Priority Zone 2: Thin trees and brush up to 30 metres (100 feet) of structures.

More information

For more information on the BC Forest Service Protection program, contact the office nearest you:

Kamloops Fire Centre
Kamloops, BC, 250-554-5500

BC Forest Service - Protection Program
Victoria, BC, 250-387-5965

Coastal Fire Centre
Parksville, BC, 250-951-4222

Northwest Fire Centre
Smithers, BC, 250-847-6600

Prince George Fire Centre
Prince George, BC, 250-565-6126

Southeast Fire Centre
Castlegar, BC, 250-365-4040

Cariboo Fire Centre
Williams Lake, BC, 250-989-2600

Kamloops Fire Rescue
1205 Summit Drive
Kamloops, BC V2C 5R9
P: 250-372-5131 F: 250-372-1447
Deputy Chief Mike Adams
E: madams@kamloops.ca

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