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Utility Billing

Water, Sewer and Garbage statements are mailed semi-annually for all flat rate utility accounts. Semi-annual payments are due in full by the last working day of March and September. For all utility clients with water meters, statements are mailed quarterly.

Quarterly payments are due in full on or before the applicable due dates in order for the customer to avoid interest charges.

Effective January 1, 2012, all amounts not paid by the applicable due dates will be subject to twelve percent (12%) interest per annum calculated annually. Payments must be received by the City on or before the applicable due dates in order for the customer to avoid interest charges.

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Pre-Authorized Withdrawal System
The City offers monthly Direct Debit Payment Option for customers on utility accounts. If you choose to participate in the plan, your utility bill will be adjusted accordingly and automatically taken out of your bank account on the last day of each month.


When does the plan start?
You can start at any time, the cut-off for signing up each month is 5 business days before the last day of the month. If you sign up in the last 5 business days of the month, your first payment will come out the next month. Contact the Revenue Department at 828-3438 or see the Cashier at City Hall.

When will the payment come out of my account?
The City of Kamloops will debit your account on the last day of each month. Note: - If the last day falls on a weekend or statutory holiday, you account will be debited on the next business day.

Can I set my own monthly payment amount?
No. Monthly amounts are set by dividing the Net Semi-annual bill by six.

Do I have to sign up each year?
No, you will remain on the plan until you want to cancel it. If your account has more than two Return (e.g. - NSF, account closed, etc.) charges in one year, it will be removed from the installment plan.

Is there a service fee for returned direct debits?
Yes. If a direct debit is not honoured by your bank for any reason a service fee will be charged.

I am on the plan but have sold my house. What do I do?
Notify the city to cancel your installment plan. Your lawyer or notary should look after all adjustments.

How do I cancel?
Notify the city in writing to cancel your plan. Three weeks' notice is required.

Revenue and Taxation
7 Victoria Street West
Kamloops, BC V2C 1A2
ph 250-828-3438 (Utilities)
ph 250-828-3437 (Taxes)
fax 250-828-3578

Note: All correspondence is entered into our system and will be directed accordingly. The City of Kamloops will endeavor to contact you within two business days. Thank you.