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Waste Water

Wastewater or sewage is water that has been used, such as from dishwashers, washing machines, sinks, showers, toilets, and related facilities, and discarded down the drains in homes or businesses. This wastewater goes down the drains and travels through pipes to the Kamloops Sewage Treatment Centre (KSTC).

At the KSTC, a complex process is used to clean the water, resulting in treated water that is released into the Thompson River or used for the City's reclaimed irrigation water system at the Cinnamon Ridge yard waste facility. Treating the wastewater before it goes back into the river is very important to ensure that our rivers are not polluted with unwanted bacteria and nutrients that could affect the health of the river, aquatic life, and our neighbors downstream.

Sewage Treatment Diagram
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A significant amount of energy is required to pump and process wastewater. Follow the tips below to help the treatment process, save water, and protect our natural resources.

  • Never use your toilet as a garbage can - even small items such as dental floss can damage the pumps that take wastewater to the facility.
  • Although packaging says "flushable" or "biodegradable", wet wipes can clog pipes and break the pumps at our lift stations.
  • Never dump hazardous waste down drains.
  • Do not flush pharmaceuticals down the toilet.
  • Turn taps off when brushing your teeth or shaving.
  • Shower in five minutes or less.

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