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Waste Water

Wastewater or sewage consists of the water used within buildings in toilets, sinks, laundry, dishwashing and related facilities. The collection, treatment and disposal of wastewater are linked to community sustainability in a number of ways:

  • Environmental dimensions of disposing wastewater into streams and onto land, including potential effects on aquatic ecosystems and human health;
  • Economic impacts resulting from the need to construct, operate and maintain the wastewater system; and
  • Social aspects, including reduction of odours, and the need to provide an affordable means for managing wastewater for all residents of Kamloops.

Wastewater is disposed of via two primary means. The first and most prominent is the community system which serves over 95% of the City's population, as well as a portion of the Kamloops Indian Band lands. This system includes:

  • Collection pipes which convey raw wastewater from buildings through an extensive network to the Wastewater Treatment Plant located on Mission Flats Road;
  • Where necessary, pump stations to overcome topographic constraints in moving raw wastewater (there are over 100 such stations);
  • Wastewater treatment facilities which comprise a series of anaerobic (oxygen-free) and aerated ponds coupled with phosphorus removal, chlorination / dechlorination and sludge disposal facilities. These facilities are illustrated on Figure 1;

    Figure 1
    Waste Water Facility
  • Disposal system for treated wastewater, including direct outfall to the Thompson River (approximately 80% of total discharge), and spray irrigation of effluent onto Cinnamon Ridge Farm and adjacent lands located between the Airport and Tranquille Lands, shown on Figure 2 (approximately 20% of total discharge).

Notice Information Package on Waste Water

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