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Water Conservation

Did You Know

  • That Canadians who live in homes that are metered use 39% less water than those who live in homes that are not metered?
  • That the average residential swimming pool uses less water than the equivalent area of grass? This is because you fill the pool just once a year, but grass needs to be watered all summer.
  • That a steadily dripping tap can waste up to 880 Litres of water a day? That's 321,200 litres of water a year!
  • That residents of BC are the second highest water users in Canada? Only residents of Newfoundland use more*.

*Source: CMHC

Where Does the Water Go?

Ever wonder where all the water goes in a typical home? Most of it goes down the toilet. Surprisingly, very little of it is used for actual drinking. These statistics do not account for water used outdoors.

  1. Toilets 26%
  2. Clothes Washers 21%
  3. Showers 17%
  4. Faucets 16%
  5. Leaks 14%
  6. Baths 2%
  7. Dishwashers 2%
  8. Other 2%

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