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Natural Environment


For many people, the integrity of our natural environment is synonymous with environmental sustainability. In this context, the natural environment includes mammal, bird, amphibian, reptile, insect, fish and plant species, as well as the habitats upon which they depend.

The natural environment is linked to sustainability at both the community level and beyond. In Kamloops, the natural environment provides areas which absorb and retain moisture, take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen, bind together stream banks and protect them from erosion, and offers opportunities for biological discovery and viewing. In a broader context, the preservation of the natural environment in Kamloops helps to safeguard species diversity, including that related to sensitive animals and plants.

There is a close relationship in Kamloops between the natural environment and lands which are subject to hazardous conditions. Examples include the Tranquille Marsh (bird sanctuary as well as floodplain), Ord Road cliffs (rattlesnake habitat as well as steep slopes), and the southern silt bluffs along the South Thompson River (grasslands as well as potentially unstable soils).

Notice Information Package on Natural Environment

Big Horn Sheep - part of Kamloops natural environment

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