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Hazard Lands

Lands within the City of Kamloops which are subject to hazardous conditions include:

  • Steep slopes - these are areas where slopes are in excess of 25%;
  • Silt Bluffs - these are areas where the soil consists largely of silt. This material presents special challenges to development due to its unstable nature, particularly when water is introduced to the soil;
  • Fire Hazard - in areas located within the rural portions of Kamloops, as well as at the interface between urban and undeveloped land, the threat of wildfires is enhanced. As witnessed in Kamloops, other communities in the BC Southern Interior and beyond, wildfires can cause extensive property damage as well as threaten lives; and
  • Floodplain - lands subject to inundation due to a flooding event with a recurrence interval of 200 years are shown. With respect to recurrence interval, the longer the time period, the larger the flooding event (i.e. a flood event which occurs every year is much smaller than a flood event that occurs only every 200 years).

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