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There is a strong relationship between the manner in which a community's land base is developed and its long-term environmental sustainability. The uses placed on land require energy for heating and cooling given Kamloops' climate, as well as to support many other functions.

Water is consumed for indoor purposes, as well as landscape irrigation. Wastewater is generated from indoor water use in our homes, businesses and industries. Stormwater is produced when rainfall and/or snow-melt occurs on surfaces hardened by pavement and roofs. Transportation systems are required to connect one location to another.

Many of these aspects are linked to our community's air quality, including generation and use of energy for building heating and industrial processing, removal of vegetation to expose land for road construction and erection of buildings, and emissions from vehicles. The way in which our community develops at all scales - from individual sites to neighbourhoods to the entire urban settlement area - can profoundly effect the environment.

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