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Agriculture Area Plan

Agriculture Advisory Committee

An advisory committee was formed to assist with the development of an Agriculture Area Plan. The purpose of the committee was to oversee the project and provide recommendations to Council through staff.

The composition of the Agriculture Advisory Committee was as follows:

  • One representative from Council;
  • One representative from BC Livestock Producers or BC Cattleman Association;
  • Two representatives from local ranching/farming operations;
  • One representative from the Farmers Market Association;
  • One representative from Certified Organic Association of BC;
  • Two representatives from the public who have an interest in agriculture;
  • One representative from Ministry of Agriculture or the Agricultural Land Commission (non-voting);
  • City staff and consultant (non-voting).

The term of the Committee ended upon completion of the City of Kamloops Agriculture Area Plan. A standing AAC was adopted as an action item of the AAP. Terms of reference for this committee will be drafted later this year.

» Committee Members
» Terms of Reference

AAC Agendas and Minutes
Agriculture Advisory Committee
Jan 09, 2012 Minutes Presentation
Apr 02, 2012 Minutes Presentation
May 03, 2012 Minutes Presentation
Jun 14, 2012 Minutes Presentation
Sep 20, 2012 Minutes Presentation
Presentation Handout
Nov 1, 2012 Minutes Presentation
Venture Kamloops' Role
Feb 7, 2013 Minutes Agenda Presentation
Intro to Water Allocation
Water System Review
Efficient Irrigation
June 13, 2013
Minutes BC Beef - Access to Markets
June 27, 2013 Minutes
Sept 19, 2013 Minutes
Nov 7, 2013 Minutes

Agriculture Area Plan

Planning and Development
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