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LEED Buildings in Kamloops

Kamloops Center for Water Quality

Kamloops Centre for Water Quality - LEEDS building

Incorporated energy saving measures reduced the overall energy consumption of this facility by 66% relative to a reference building. Some of the energy saving techniques include:

  • Central heat pumps, utilizing river water, provide facility heating and cooling needs (first level heat/cool).
  • Heat exchanger on process blower air system allows building HVAC system to accept or reject heat to process air stream to heat and cool the facility (second level heat/cool).
  • Domestic water heating needs are also provided through the de-superheat off the central heat pumps.
  • Passive free cooling to the plant is achieved by drawing air through the filtration room to pick up the natural cooling effect from the mass of water and concrete.
  • The location of the chlorine contact chamber below the main floor administration provides free cooling to the administration wing.
  • High efficiently boilers provide back-up heating.
  • Heat recovery ventilation is incorporated in Intake, Flocculation and Final Sterilization Spaces.
  • The current system design allows the integration of a future vertical ground source heat pump loop or well water system.

McArthur Island Sports Complex

McArthur Island Sports Complex - LEEDs building

The arena at the sports center has a ventilation system with dedicated heat recovery units that provide ventilation and climate control during events. Energy savings come from:

  • Refrigerant plant waste heat is captured for building and bleacher heating.
  • Domestic hot water pre-heating is also accomplished through waste heat capture from the refrigeration plant.
  • Zamboni ice melt pit heating also uses waste heat from the refrigeration plant.
  • Low temperature in-slab bleacher heating is implemented to maintain occupant comfort yet minimize additional load on the refrigeration plant.
  • High efficiency ventilation air heat recovery that is 80%+ efficient.
  • Permanent energy use and temperature control monitoring system to enhance comfort and give occupants control over their spaces.
  • Building occupancy sensors register if people are present and turn the lighting systems on and off and adjust the quantity of outside air for ventilation purposes to reduce energy usage. Incorporated energy saving measures reduced the overall energy consumption of this facility by 43% relative to a reference building. This equates to ~$100,000.00 savings per year. Greenhouse gas emissions are reduced by 333 tons or the equivalent to ~696,000 km driven by a 2004 Ford Explorer.

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