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ECOSmart Team

Who is the ECOSmart Team, What do they do?

The ECOSmart Team consist of four university students that are hired each summer to help educate the community about water conservation, solid waste reduction, energy conservation and other sustainability issues. For May and June the ECOSmart team goes into schools to present to students about the importance of conserving our resources and ways to live a sustainable lifestyle.

During July and August the Team attends a variety of kids camps and educates the kids about sustainability issues. They will also be out in the community at various community events like Farmers' Markets, Canada Day, the Merchants Market and Ribfest. Residents are encouraged to talk to the team to learn about how we can reduce our ecological footprint through the 4 R's of waste management, water and energy conservation and exploring alternative transportation and gardening options. Residents can also test their environmental knowledge through the interactive games that the ECOSmart Team will have set up and can win eco-friendly prizes.

ECOSmart Team
955 Concordia Way
Kamloops BC V2C 6V3
ph 250-828 3380
fx 250-828-3790

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