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Air Quality

For information on air quality due to the current wildfire situation, please visit our FireSmart page.
Importance of Good Air Quality

Did you know that approximately 10,000 litres of air will pass through your lungs today? That's more than 3.6 million litres of air a year. Air is essential to life, and the atmosphere is the medium that ensures this planet remains in a habitable state. The quality of that air has many implications for your overall health.

In British Columbia we generally enjoy clean air and a healthy environment; however, many communities are prone to periods of unhealthy exposure to air pollutants. The choices we make every day, such as driving our cars or burning wood to heat our homes, can significantly impact our local air quality.

The movement of air is not constrained by political boundaries but by physical borders such as mountains and weather conditions which can affect movement. This means that air pollutants and their byproducts can be transported between communities, or linger in mountain valleys when wind and air circulation are restricted.

As the Province continues to grow, keeping our air clean is becoming more challenging. Ensuring we have clean air to breathe is paramount to creating a sustainable community. ADD FULL BACKGROUND LINK HERE

Vehicle Idling

Contaminants from vehicle exhaust are major contributors to poor air quality in Kamloops.

The City of Kamloop's BY-LAW NO. 24-42 is intended to discourage the unnecessary idling of commercial vehicles in the city in order to reduce noise pollution. The bylaw currently limits idling to no more than three minutes, which not only reduces excess noise generated from commercial vehicles, but also reduces excess exhaust emissions.

Residents are encouraged to do their part by eliminating unnecessary idling of their personal vehicles. Remember to turn off your engine if you are stopping for more than 10 seconds, except in traffic. Idling for more than 10 seconds uses more fuel than restarting your engine. Help make Kamloops idle-free.

Air Quality Health Index

The Air Quality Health Index is a new way to help you protect your health. This website is part of a Pilot Project to introduce and gather feedback on Canada's first index that directly ties air quality to health risk.

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