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Development & Engineering Services » Construction and Design

Construction Standards ~ MMCD

Contact: 828-3532 or 828-3318

This information is supplementary to Volume II of the Master Municipal Construction Documents published by the M.M.C.D.A., 2009. All civil construction projects for municipal ownership are to comply with the following supplemental construction criteria:

Amendments to MMCD - 2013
MMCD Amendments* March 15, 2013
MMCD Amendments* March 17, 2014
*Supplementary General Conditions and Supplementary Specifications
Supplemental Standard Detail Drawings March 2015
Standard Survey Requirements March 2014
Water/Sewer/Drainage Electrical Specifications November 2014
List of Approved Products and Materials Apr 2015
Unit Price Contract - ConsultantPlease contact Jessie Horton - 250-828-3854 or Darren Crundwell - 250-828-3535 March 2016
Water Main Testing Procedure March 2011

Development Section
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Kamloops, BC V2C 2C6
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