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Amendments ~ MMCD

The City of Kamloops has switched to the MMCD Platinum (2009) Edition. All construction works shall conform to:

  • The MMCD Platinum (2009) Edition,
  • All City of Kamloops Amendments,
  • The City of Kamloops Approved Products List, and
  • The following list of Standard Detail Drawings

Supplemental Standard Detail Drawings
Concrete and Miscellaneous Details
# Revision Title Comment Approved
C0 Drawing Index - Concrete and Miscellaneous Details MMCD
SC1 3 Monolithic Curb, Gutter & Sidewalk Replaces C1-C3 Dec 2010
C4 Concrete Curbs - Narrow Base MMCD
C5 Concrete Barrier Curb - Wide Base MMCD
C6 Concrete Median and Interim Curbs MMCD
SC7 5 Driveway Crossing for Barrier Curbs CoK Supplemental Dec 2010
SC8/SC9 2 Wheelchair Ramp CoK Supplemental Dec 2010
SC10 3 Walkways CoK Supplemental Mar 2014
SC11 2 Bicycle Baffle CoK Supplemental Dec 2010
C12 Removable Restriction Post MMCD
C13 Chain Link Fence for Walkway MMCD
SC14 1 Handrail on Concrete Retaining Wall CoK Supplemental Mar 2014
SC15 1 Walkway Fencing (Wooden) Additional Feb 2007
SC16 1 Tree Planting Detail Additional Feb 2007
SC17 1 Access Gate Additional Dec 2010
SC18 1 No Public Access Signage Additional Dec 2010
Concrete Base
CE1.1 Concrete Base Index MMCD
CE1.2 Type A and B Sonotube Concrete Bases Delete
CE1.3-1.4 Type C,C1,C2,C3 Trapezoidal Shape Concrete Bases MMCD Supplementary Update
CE1.5 Type C4 & C5 Spread Footing Shape Concrete Bases MMCD Supplementary Update
CE1.6 Type C4 & C5 Spread Footing Concrete Bases MMCD
CE1.7 Type C4 & C5 Spread Footing Concrete Bases MMCD Supplementary Update
CE1.8-1.9 Type E2 Trapezoidal Shape Concrete Base MMCD
CE1.10-1.12 Types F1,L1,S1 Spread Footing Shape Concrete Bases MMCD
CE1.13-1.14 Types F2,L2,S2 Trapezoidal Shape Concrete Base MMCD
CE1.15 25mm Anchor Bolts MMCD
CE1.16 Anchor Bolt Cage for Types 6, 7 & S Poles MMCD
CE1.17 Anchor Bolt Cage for Type L Poles MMCD
CE1.18 Concrete Base for Post Mounted Flasher Luminaire (Precast) Delete
CE1.19-1.20 Pole Base Installation Details MMCD
# Revision Title Comment Approved
E0.1-0.2 Drawing Index - Electrical Drawings MMCD
SE1.1 Type M (Nema Cabinet) Concrete Controller Base Delete
SE1.2 1 Type P (Nema Cabinet) Concrete Controller Base CoK Supplemental Apr 2015
E1.3 Model 170 Concrete Controller Base Delete
SE1.4 1 Controller Installation (Type P & M Cabinets CoK Supplemental Apr 2015
E1.5 Controller Installation (Model 170 Cabinets) Delete
E1.6-1.7 Type F Control Pedestal Delete
E2.1 Round Plastic Junction Boxes Delete
E2.2 Type 37 & 66 Concrete Junction Boxes MMCD
E2.3-2.4 Large Concrete Junction Boxes MMCD
E2.5-2.6 Concrete Vault MMCD
E3.1 Underground Conduit in Paved Areas MMCD
E3.2 1 Underground Conduit in Non-Paved Areas MMCD
SE4.1 1 Luminaire Pole (Type 2 Shaft) CoK Supplemental Jan 2011
E4.2 Luminaire Pole (Type 2 Shaft) MMCD
E4.3-4.4 Signal Pole (Type 1 Shaft) MMCD
E4.5-4.6 Signal Pole (Type 3 Shaft) MMCD
E4.7-4.8 Signal Pole (Type 6 Shaft) MMCD
E4.9-4.10 Signal Pole (Type 7 Shaft) MMCD
E4.11-4.13 Signal Pole (Type S Shaft) MMCD
E4.14-4.16 Signal Pole (Type L Shaft) MMCD
SE4.17 2 Signal Posts Type 4A CoK Supplemental Mar 2014
SE4.18 1 Signal Posts Type 4A CoK Supplemental Jan 2011
E4.19-4.20 Post Top Luminaire Poles Delete
E4.21 Service Base MMCD
E4.22 Pole Accessories MMCD
E5.1 Post Top Signal Head Mounting Delete
E5.2 Side of Pole Signal Head Mounting (Method 1) MMCD
E5.3-5.6 Various Signal Head Mounting Methods Delete
SE5.7 3 Mid Span Overhead Signal Mounting (Plumbizer Method) CoK Supplemental Mar 2012
SE5.8 0 Overhead Signal Head Mounting (Plumbizer Method) CoK Supplemental Feb 2011
E5.9 Overhead Signal Head Mounting (Adjustable Bracket Method) Delete
E5.10-5.11 Overhead Signal Head Mounting on Pole Arm (Ball Hanger Method) Delete
E5.12 Audible Signals Delete
E5.13 Video Detection Installation Detail on Special 2A Arm MMCD
SE5.14 Video Detection Installation Detail on Signal Arm CoK Supplemental Feb 2011
SE5.15 0 Internally Illuminated Pedestrian Crosswalk Sign CoK Supplemental Jan 2011
E6.1 Pedestrian Pushbutton with Separate Sign Delete
SE6.2 1 Pedestrian Pushbutton with Integral Sign CoK Supplemental Mar 2012
E6.3 Pedestrian Pushbutton Post MMCD
E7.1 Underground Dip Service MMCD
E7.2-7.3 Service Panel in Service Base (Mounting Details) MMCD Supplementary Update
E7.4 60A Streetlight and 100A Streetlight/Traffic Signal S.P. (Panel Details) MMCD
E7.5 40A (120/240V) Street Lighting S.P. (Wiring Diagram) MMCD Supplementary Update
SE7.6 2 100A or 60A (120/240V) Traffic Signal and/or Street Lighting S.P. (Wiring Diagram) CoK Supplemental Mar 2014
E7.7 100A Traffic Signal/Streetlight Service Panel on Pole (Mounting Details) MMCD Supplementary Update
E7.8 100A Traffic Signal/Streetlight Service Panel on Pole (Mounting Details) MMCD
E7.9 100A (120/240V) Traffic Signal/Street Lighting S.P. (Wiring Diagram) MMCD Pre-2007
E7.10 Service Ground Plate Installation Detail MMCD
E7.11 Luminaire Wiring in Pole Handhole MMCD
E7.12 Signal Cable Wiring in Pole Handhole MMCD
SE7.13 2 Traffic Signal Wiring Color Code CoK Supplemental Mar 2014
E7.14 Minimum Clearances to Overhead Powerlines MMCD
E7.15 Pole Mounted Receptacle MMCD
E7.16 Telephone Demarcation Enclosure Mounting Details MMCD
E7.17 Telephone Conduit on Utility Pole MMCD
E7.18 Conduit Tie-In to Telephone Vault, Manhole or Junction Box MMCD
E8.1 Typical Detector Loop Types MMCD
E8.2 Detector Loops MMCD
E8.3 Detector Loops MMCD
E8.4 Detector Loop to Shielded Cable Splices MMCD
E8.5 Detector Loop Procedures and Rules MMCD
E8.6 Detector Loop Procedures and Rules MMCD
SE8.7 2 Typical 8 Phase Signal CoK Supplemental Apr 2015
SE8.11 0 Typical Two and Four Lane Counting Station Loops & Conduit Layout Additional Apr 2015
SE8.12 0 Typical Traffic Counting Station Additional Apr 2015
E8.8 Pre-Formed Diamond Detector Loop Installation Details Delete
E8.9 Pre-Formed Diamond Detector Loop Installation Details Delete
E8.10 Pre-Formed Diamond Detector Loop Installation Details Delete
E9.1 Flasher Luminaire and Signs on Perforated Steel Tubing Delete
E9.2 Flasher Luminaire and Signs on Perforated Steel Tubing Delete
E9.3 Flasher Luminaire and Signs on Steel Pole Delete
E9.4 Flasher Luminaire and Signs on Steel Pole Delete
E10.1-10.2 Overhead Extruded Aluminum Advance Warning Sign MMCD
SE10.3 0 Overhead Extruded Aluminum Advance Warning Sign Installation Details CoK Supplemental Jan 2011
E10.4-10.8 Overhead Extruded Aluminum Sign MMCD
E10.9 Overhead Extruded Aluminum Sign Luminaire MMCD
E10.10 Junction Box Installation Details on Sign Arms MMCD
General Details
# Revision Title Comment Approved
G0 Drawing Index - General Details MMCD
G1 General Legend MMCD
G2 General Legend for Contract Drawings MMCD
SG3 1 Legend for Streetlights and Signals CoK Supplemental Dec 2010
SG4 2 Utility Trench CoK Supplemental Dec 2010
SG5 2 Pavement Restoration CoK Supplemental Mar 2014
G6 Concrete Encasement Watermain/Sewer Separation MMCD
G7 Concrete Protection Underground Utilities MMCD
G8 Pipe Anchor Blocks MMCD
SG9 1 Utility Offsets for 15m & 20m Urban R/W Additional Mar 2014
SG10 1 Utility Offsets Cul-De-Sac Additional Dec 2010
SG11 A Service Locations for S.F.D. Residential Lot Additional Dec 2010
SG12 5 Project Sign Additional Apr 2015
# Revision Title Comment Approved
R0 Drawing Index - Roadworks MMCD
R1 Paved Shoulders MMCD
Storm and Sanitary Sewers
# Revision Title Comment Approved
S0 Drawing Index - Storm and Sanitary Sewers MMCD
S1 Standard and Sump Manholes MMCD
S2 Standard Manhole Connection Details MMCD
S3 Manhole Connection Details - Drop and Ramp Type Delete
SS4 0 Inside Drop Manhole CoK Supplemental Dec 2010
S5 Precast Riser Manhole MMCD
SS5a 2 Cast in Place Manhole for 375-1200 Sewers Additional Dec 2010
S6 Sewer Cleanout Delete
SS7 2 Sanitary Sewer Service Connection CoK Supplemental Dec 2010
SS8 3 Storm Sewer Connection CoK Supplemental Dec 2010
SS9 1 Inspection Chamber for 100-150 Sanitary & Sewer Connections CoK Supplemental Dec 2010
S10 Inspection Chamber for 250-375mm San, Sewer Conn. Delete
SS11a 3 Catch Basin - Type I CoK Supplemental Dec 2010
SS11b 2 Catch Basin - Type II CoK Supplemental Dec 2010
SS11c 0 Catch Basin - Type III CoK Supplemental Mar 2011
SS12 1 Lawn Drains CoK Supplemental Dec 2010
SS13 2 Concrete Headwall CoK Supplemental Dec 2010
SS14 2 Headwall Grillage CoK Supplemental Dec 2010
SS15 1 Driveway Culvert With Concrete Sandbag Headwalls CoK Supplemental Dec 2010
# Revision Title Comment Approved
W0 Drawing Index - Waterworks MMCD
W1 Typical Thrust Block Arrangements MMCD
SW2 3 Water Service Connection CoK Supplemental Apr 2015
W2a-W2d Water Service Connections and Water Meters Delete
SW3 1 Gate Valve Installation CoK Supplemental Dec 2010
SW4 4 Fire Hydrant Assembly CoK Supplemental Dec 2010
W5 Test Point Installation MMCD
SW6/SW7 2 Air Release Valve Chamber CoK Supplemental Feb 2011
SW8 4 Self-Draining Standpipe CoK Supplemental Feb 2011
W9 Blow-Down Chamber MMCD
W10 Waterworks Chamber Drain MMCD
SW11 2 Butterfly Valve Chamber Additional Dec 2010
SW12 3 Butterfly Valve Actuator Chamber Additional Dec 2010
SW13 2 Watermain Relocation Additional Dec 2010
SW14 0 Median Irrigation Details Additional July 1997
SW15 1 Water Service Corrosion Protection Additional Dec 2010
SW16 2 Typical Corrosion Protection Test Station Additional Dec 2010
SW17 Flush Mounted Monitoring Test Station Deleted
Cathodic Protection
# Revision Title Comment Approved
W100 Drawing Index - Cathodic Protection MMCD
SW104 0 Cathodic Protection Ground Level Test Station Details CoK Supplemental Feb 2011
W105 Big Fink Test Station Terminal Delete
W106 Joint Community Bond Delete
SW107 0 Structure Cable Bond Detail CoK Supplemental Feb 2011
W108 Standard Test Station Delete
W109 Isolation Test Station Delete
W110 Standard Anode Station at Isolation Test Point Delete
SW111 0 Standard Sacrificial Anode Station CoK Supplemental Mar 2011
W112 Sacrificial Anode with Lateral or Service Connection Delete
W113 Foreign Utility Test Station Delete
W114 Impressed Current Catodic Protection Rectifier Installation Delete
W115 Horizontal Anode Installation Delete
W116 Semi-Deep Anode Well Installation Delete
SW119 1 Fire Hydrant Installation for HPVC Pipe CoK Supplemental Mar 2014

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