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Board of Variance

The City's Zoning By-law establishes rules and regulations regarding size of properties, lot coverage, principal and accessory building areas and heights, and location of development on individual lots. A property owner wishing to vary a regulation for siting, height, lot coverage, etc. will need to obtain a variance.

There are two procedures to allow such variances:

Notice 1. Development Variance
A major variance, or one which is not the result of hardship, must be submitted to Council for consideration through the Development Variance Permit (DVP) process.
Note: A Development Variance Permit cannot vary the use or density of land from that specified in a zoning by-law or floodplain specification.
Development Variance Application Form
Development Variance Application Guide
Site Profile Guide
Site Profile Form (Schedules 1 & 2)
MOE Site Profile: Administrative Guidance on Contaminated Sites

Notice 2. Board of Variance
A minor variance that is considered to be the result of hardship is normally the responsibility of the Board of Variance. The Board is a quasi-judicial body independent of Council that meets once a month, provided there are a minimum of three (3) applications.
Note: There are limitations on orders that a Board of Variance can authorize. Please contact Development staff to discuss the particulars of your situation.
Board of Variance Application Form
Board of Variance Application Guide

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