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City Administration

Community and Corporate Affairs

RCMP Municipal Support Staff

Approximately 120 RCMP Officers work out of the Battle Street Detachment. This is a large contingent of members who are responsible for policing the City of Kamloops. The City provides the infrastructure necessary for police services such as the main detachment and the community policing centre on the north shore.

The City of Kamloops is also responsible for providing personnel support to the RCMP and there are approximately 65 municipal employees working in a variety of duties that assist the RCMP with its policing mandate. Some of the work performed by municipal supports services is as follows:

  1. Front Office Support is provided by approximately 15 municipal employees who operate the non-emergency switchboard, front counter and information office. Staff handle a large volume of matters that involve public contact. They record information from complainants, open files and provide updates. They conduct criminal record checks for employment, volunteer and educational purposes as well as administer the service of Court documents.

    See the Municipal Services Fee Schedule for associated costs.

    Hours of Operation for Front Counter
    Mon-Friday 8am - 7pm
    Saturday Closed
    Sundays and Statutory Holidays Closed
    Hours of Operation for Non-Emergency Switchboard 250-828-3000
    Mon-Friday - 8am - 7pm
    Saturday, Sunday and Statutory Holidays Closed

  2. Records Management System is provided by approximately 13 municipal employees. Personnel consist of Court Liaison Officers, Records Reviewers, CPIC and Central Records personnel. The nature of police work requires the need to keep accurate and readily accessible records. The Kamloops RCMP is part of a province-wide real time electronic file management system called "Police Records Information Management Environment" or PRIME. Municipal employees are responsible for administrative management of files that number from 40,000 - 50,000 per year.

  3. Approximately 12 Custodial Guards provide for the safe-keeping of prisoners lodged in the City Jail which number approximately 4,500 per year. Guard duties consist of prisoner checks, feeding prisoners, administering medications, cleaning, and administrative duties.

  4. Specialized support is provided by approximately 25 municipal employees. These jobs are diverse in nature and include duties such as technical computer support, word processing, watch clerks, disclosure clerk, traffic clerk, data technicians, crime analysts, inventory, financial, and secretarial support.

Municipal Support Services at the RCMP Detachment is an important part of police services that are provided for the citizens of Kamloops. In order to work at the RCMP Detachment, all support personnel have to undergo an intensive security screening process.

The workload is busy and staff report that they enjoy working in an environment that is fast paced. Support staff at the detachment know that they make a difference and they are proud of the work they do. As a result, employee turnover at the RCMP detachment is low.