Community Safety Programs

Programs & Services

Block Watch

Block Watch encourages neighbours to join together to reduce the likelihood of residential and property crime in their neighbourhoods. By working together, neighbours meet over a common goal – making their neighbourhoods a safer place to live and play.

Be an active citizen and help to reduce crime in your neighbourhood. Become a Block Watch Member. Crimes such as 'Break and Enters' can be prevented if criminals know that there are watchful neighbours.

Citizens on Patrol

Citizens on Patrol (COP) volunteers work in pairs and act as additional eyes and ears for the police. They patrol their community and observe and report suspicious occurrences to Kamloops RCMP.

COP members are also involved in the identification and recovery of stolen vehicles through information supplied by ICBC and the RCMP.

Speed Watch

This educational program is aimed at reducing incidences of speeding. Volunteers monitor speeds in high visibility and high volume areas to raise awareness about the actual speed drivers are traveling.

Auto Crime Prevention (Lock Out Auto Crime)

Volunteers perform crime prevention audits in targeted areas. The purpose of the audit is to educate vehicles owners about ways in which to reduce theft from and theft of vehicles.

Crime Prevention Presentations

We offer a variety of topics that encompass specific community requests and issues of concern (i.e. fraud, senior's safety, etc.)

Kids Prints

This program targets primary school-aged children. Fingerprints are taken and a personal identification record is provided. The purpose is to encourage parents/guardians to keep an ongoing, up-to-date record for each child to assist in identification where necessary.

Special Events

Several times during the year we hold events with targeted displays and information booths to promote crime prevention and safety messages. Interactive information sharing with community partners is designed to engage the community (i.e. National Police Week, Crime Prevention Week, Health and Wellness Expo, Senior's events)