Community Safety - Lock out auto crime

Lock Out Auto Crime

"Out of Sight" Campaign Continues with Select Auto Plan Brokers

Kamloops, B.C. - Theft from vehicles occurs throughout the year. City of Kamloops Community Safety continues to work at reminding the public to secure their valuables in their vehicles.

Shopping malls, parking lots and curbside parking are all prime target areas for thieves. Autoplan Brokers are partnering with Community Safety, using stickers like the one below to convey the simple message of securing your valuables.


"Wed really like to thank our local autoplan brokers for their commitment to community safety", says Sandro Piroddi, Crime Prevention Coordinator. "It really assists us in continuing our efforts to reduce vehicle theft-related incidents".

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Crime Prevention
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To speak to a Crime Prevention Coordinator, call 250-571-3862