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Overlander/Pioneer Spirit Award

Recipients of this award are presented with limited Edition artwork, a replica of the Overlanders Statue situated on the plaza at Kamloops City Hall. The statue was created by Terry Norlander and Garry Davies, and unveiled by Mayor Mel Rothenburger on July 1, 2003. It was commissioned by the City of Kamloops with the generous support of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Fulton & Company, and Urban Systems Ltd.

The statue commemorates the arrival of the Overlanders in 1862, and depicts Catherine and Augustus Schubert and one of their seven children. The statue represents the pioneer spirit and strength of character of those who built our community.

The Pioneer Spirit Award is only presented in exceptional circumstances and for extraordinary accomplishments. The Pioneer Spirit Award has been awarded to the following:

Mr. George Evans for his contribution to the North Thompson Wildfire Relief Fund – presented by Mayor Rothenburger, 2004.

Posthumously to Mr. Ray Fuoco for his promotion of the city and especially the downtown core. Mr. Fuoco was known as “Mr. Downtown” – presented by Mayor Rothenburger, 2005.

Mr. Henry Pejril for his contribution as Chair of the 2006 BC Summer Games - presented by Mayor Terry Lake

Kamloops Indian Band – presented by Mayor Lake, 2007.

Mr. Norm Daley for his contribution as Chair of the Canada Cup of Curling – presented by Mayor Lake, 2008.

The 419 Tactical Fighting Training Squadron – presented by Mayor Lake, 2008.

Dr. Roger Barnsley for his outstanding leadership and involvement of Kamloops into Thompson Rivers University, a University City – presented by Mayor Lake, 2008.

Mr. David Ross for this leadership and dedication to the community in the field of arts and culture (Western Canada Theatre Company) – presented by Mayor Lake, 2008.

Mr. Chris Rose for this leadership to the community in the field of education and the treatment of autism (The Chris Rose Therapy Centre for Autism) – presented by Mayor Lake, 2008.

Ms. Jo Berry for her outstanding leadership and dedication to create a healthy community (Boogie the Bridge) – presented by Mayor Milobar, 2011.

Mr. Randy Diehl for leading the City of Kamloops as Chief Administrative Officer during his tenure from 1989-2012 – presented by Mayor Milobar, 2012.

Mr. Frank D’Amore for this many years of leadership ensuring our sporting history is remembered (Kamloops Sports Hall of Fame) – presented by Mayor Milobar, 2014.

Mrs. Brenda Aynsley for her many years of leadership, bringing the community together through the United Way – presented by Mayor Milobar, 2014.

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