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Mobile Food Concession Policy

2.2 All processed food and beverage distributed in City-owned facilities and venues (Appendix "A") shall be marketed with the checkmark system according to the brand name food list (Appendix "B").

2.3 Prepared items shall adhere to Canada Food Guide policies. All items shall be prepared in accordance with Government of British Columbia "Making Healthier Foods" recommendations (Appendix "C").

2.4 Pre-packaged food and beverage shall meet the following percentages as established in Nutritional Guidelines:

a) At least 80% of items will be from the "Choose Most" and "Choose Sometimes" categories and no more than 50% of products coming from the "Choose Sometimes" category.

b) Up to 20% of product choices may be from the "Choose Least" or "Not Recommended" categories, with no more than 10% from the "Not Recommended" category.

2.5 All pre-packaged food and beverage items shall contain a nutritional facts label (Appendix "B").

2.6 Pre-packaged products sold must only be offered in regular sized, single serving packages.

2.7 No items marked "jumbo" shall be served.

2.8 Sports drinks shall be marketed as "Not Recommended".

2.9 Products categorized as "Choose Most" and "Choose Sometimes" must be placed more prominently than items that are not and must be sold at comparable prices.

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