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Ongoing Projects

Communities in Bloom is a strong supporter of community gardens and works with the City to encourage residents to grow their own food. The City dedicates plots throughout the community, providing water, fencing, and compost. Local businesses assist and day to day operations are done by volunteers.

Beautify Kamloops Community Garden Award
The KCIB sponsors the Award, providing support to the individual gardens and also organizes a community garden event each year.

Showcase Gardens

  • McDonald Park Community Garden
    In 2012, with Scott's Canada sponsorship, a special space was created in McDonald Park to provide a gardening hub for nearby residents. It is used to teach school and daycare children to learn about food production and gardening. The nearby Child Development Centre created an on-site garden to support this initiative.
  • City Hall Edible Garden
    This community garden initiative takes shape as an edible garden planted in front of City Hall each year. The food grown and produced is accessible and freely available to anyone. At harvest time the crops are gleaned and donated to the Kamloops Food Bank.

Edible garden at City Hall

Red Bridge Project
Our on-going, longer term project is to illuminate the Red Bridge at night. We are currently in the process of acquiring a design, getting permits and determining the best mode of lighting this historic bridge to make it an iconic landmark. (see Red Bridge Project)

Red Bridge Project

KIA Drive Change Day
Since 2011, KIA sponsors a national annual event and KCIB participates. Volunteer groups work together to clean up a selected area and the City provides refreshments.

Entrance Corridor Enhancements

  • We continue to work with the Parks department to improve city entrances with signage and plantings.
  • KCIB is represented on the Tranquille Road Beautification/Enhancements and Airport Gateway Task Force

Neighbourhood Beautification Grants - Returns in 2016
This matching grant program has enabled the KCIB committee to offer an opportunity for community groups to improve street appeal of properties, enhance landscapes and activities, foster civic pride and grow a proud, confident and healthy community.

"Kindness Blooms" Pay it Forward Program
The KCIB Committee knows first hand about caring for our community. To recognize and appreciate the people who do wonderful things each day, we created, "Kindness Blooms" Buttons. The concept is simple - Pay it Forward.

Here's how it works. When you do something nice for someone and they say "Thank You", give them a button and ask them to pay it forward. If someone does something nice for you, give them a button in thanks.

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